The End of Turner

Since 1997 the Atlanta Braves have called Turner field their home but this past Sunday the Braves played their last game there against the Detroit Tigers. In the past 19 years that the Braves have been at Turner field it has been home to:
11 NLDS, 4 NLCS, 1 WS, 1 all star game, and 1 NL Wild Card Game – the first in MLB history.

As a born and raised Braves fan I still remember sitting in the general admission seats with my father and grandfather at my first game around 1998 watching Chipper Jones in my ratty baseball cap. All I wanted was for Chipper to foul one out to me (it has yet to happen).

Turner Field has been an focal point of Braves history since it was transformed in 1997 from the Centennial Olympic Stadium to what we know it today. 

I decided I wanted to document one of the last games a little different, with period correct Fuji Super G film. I loaded up my F5 and threw on a little 50 – this is what I got:


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