Catch Light

Man, I have neglected this, even with it on my favorites bar… I need to fix this bad habit.

So I decided to make a catch light with no plans at all. I decided to keep it under $100, and ended up spending something like 72.

I went to Home Depot one evening and bought a piece of 12x12x2 laminated plywood, 4 14″ florescent tubes, pack of L brackets and some screws.

After grabbing my compass, ruler and protractor from my old drafting class. Made a few measurements and started sketching points.

I bent the L brackets to about 120* and attached them to the back mounts on the tubes, then attached them to the square board.

This is what it looked like the first night. I also found out the vega mini works perfect with it.

After I found out it worked well and was stable I busted out the jig saw and drill to finish her up. This is what she looks like now.

This is what it makes >>>>>>>>>>>
full res:


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